How To Scan Your Boat

Thank you for your purchase of a Deckpad for your boat! We can't wait to float your boat! Please follow the instructions below to download the Deckpad Scan app, scan your boat, and upload your scan so that we may design a Deckpad with a perfect-fit for your specific boat. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Download The Deckpad App

The Deckpad Scan app is currently in Public Beta. Follow the instructions in the link below to download the Apple TestFlight app and join the Public Beta to download the app.

Download Deckpad App Beta


Now you're ready to scan your boat! Follow the tips and tricks in the video below to get a precision scan of your boat and upload it to our design team so that they may create a Deckpad with a perfect-fit to your boat.

We Design Your DeckPad

Once your upload is complete, our design team will begin creating a Deckpad for your boat model. If you have any questions about the scan and upload process, or any design considerations for your Deckpad, please feel free to contact us and our customer service team would be happy to help. Thank you!


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