Our Story

As an Industrial Designer I have always been drawn to the unique qualities of inflated structures.  As I designed my own custom boat, I chose an open layout that would accommodate a 6' x 8' drop-stitch pad that I already owned.

After years of use, my appreciation only deepened of my dropstitch pad as a fatigue mat, sound dampening device, waterproof shade structure, as a slide or trampoline for my daughter, a lean-to on the beach or an oasis of relaxation on the sandbar with a cold beverage.

I built a custom boat with a deck area that fit the pad I already had. I founded this company so you can have Deckpad that fits the boat you already own!


Our Mission Statement

We innovate quality boating accessories designed to maximize enjoyment of every day on the water. Our tagline is also our motto. “Float Your Boat” means listening and responding to client’s individual needs and delivering a quality built solution that will be the backdrop to your best boat-day ever!


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